The Development of Real Estate

Qingdao Haichuan Construction Group Co., Ltd. has been involved in the real estate industry since the 1990s, including large-scale residential areas, villas, commercial office buildings,etc. After years of development, Haichuan real estate has preliminarily formed “Qingdao-the whole nation" strategic layout and has developed business in Qingdao, Liaocheng, Pingdu, Laizhou, Xi 'an, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Mongolia, and other regions and countries.So far, the group has developed and constructed Haisha·Hongjiu Garden, Haichuan·Hongjiu Town, Haichuan·Hongjiu Villa, Xinhe Chemical Base Business Center in Pingdu,Qingdao Garden in Tongliao, Northwest Aviation Center in Xi’an, Guang Yuefu in Liaocheng, Water town at the North of the River in Liaocheng, A-UILS Residence in Mongolia and other projects. 

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