New Year’s Congratulation

In the coming 2016, I, on behalf of Qingdao Haichuan Construction Group, give the best wishes to the leaders at all levels and the friends from all walks of life who concern about and support the development of the enterprise! At the same time,  I extend the New Year wishes to all the shareholders and employees who worked hard and dedicated themselves selflessly. Also I give the kindly regards and heartfelt thanks to all employees working abroad and their family members.

2015 was a unforgettable and unusual year in the history of the development of the company. It was also a year for all employees to join hands in concentric trials and hardships. Under the joint efforts of the board of directors, senior management and all the employees and in the face of macro-economic downward pressure, all the working stuffs worked hard together and got the gratifying achievements in the strategy level of changing the structure, keeping increase and promoting development. The enterprise were ranked into the top 50 for five consecutive years in the ‘Top 100 Enterprises in Qingdao’. What’s more, the enterprise were awarded ‘Fortune 500 Enterprise in 2015’ by the Chinese Construction Enterprise Management Association. Besides, the enterprise was awarded the first ‘The Best Employers in Qingdao in 2015’ by Qingdao Human Resources Association .

In 2016, we will make unremitting efforts on realizing the great goal and dream about being Haichuan with ten billion assets and one-hundred-year history. We believe that the enterprise will keep developing under the joint efforts of all the shareholders and employees in the new year.

Wish sincerely that all the employees and the friends from all walks of life caring about Haichuan Group have a healthy body, work smoothly, have a happy family and everything goes well.

                    Qingdao Haichuan Construction Group Co., Ltd.
December 30th 2015

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