The Company held ‘The Older Employees Talk-fest fo

The date, December 26th , is the last weekend in 2015. Haichuan Group held ‘The Sixth Older Employees Talk-fest for Celebrating New Year’ in Qingdao Zi Dingxiang Restaurant. Hundreds of older employees got together to meet the coming of the New Year. ‘The Older Employees Talk-fest’ is the sixth. All the employees attending this talk-fest have worked for the enterprise for 25 years or more. They are still working at different positions and the first line of construction,who keep playing important role in the development of the enterprise.

In the talk-fest, all of the people watched theHaichuan Group annual memorabilia video in 2015 which was produced by the Information Center. The chairman, Wu Xin, subsequently delivered a warm speech in which highly praised the older employees for their contributions. The chairman hopes that the older employees can continue to contributions for realizing the great goal ‘being Haichuan with ten billion assets and one-hundred-year history’. Meanwhile, the chairman wished sincerely that all the older employees have a healthy body, work smoothly, have a happy family and everything goes well.

The senior leader representative of the enterprise, Manager Zheng Tongqing, attended this talk-fest. In the talk-fest, the older employees put forward many constructive suggestions to the development of the enterprise and are also full of expectation for the development prospect of the enterprise.

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