Qingdao Fortune 100 Enterprises in 2015 List

QingdaoEntrepreneurs Summit in 2015 was held this month by Qingdao Entrepreneurs Confederation and Qingdao Entrepreneurs Association. The deputy director of Municipal People's Congress Wu Shuling and the CPPCC Vice Chairman Xi Jinsheng  attended the summit. In the meeting, the list of Qingdao Fortune 100 Enterprises and Qingdao Outstanding Entrepreneurs was published. Qingdao Haichuan Construction was ranked at the 44th , which has been the ninth consecutive year for the Group to be the shortlisted Qingdao Fortune 100 Enterprises since 2007. 

According to the statistics of Qingdao Fortune 100 Enterprises this year, the overall scale continues to expand, but the speed of expansion has clearly slowed down. The standard of shortlist has declined for two consecutive years and the total pre-tax profits are basically flat with last year. Besides, the rate of the average profit growth greatly increased and the enterprise benefit are overall slightly improved. On the whole, Qingdao fortune 100 enterprises keep seeking improvement in stability, gain a form foothold and realize the development under the hard and complicated economic environment, which makes great contributions to steady increase, changed structure and more employment.

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