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The Warmer Winter Action, donating clothing and other articles of daily use, was held by the Labor Union and Youth League of the company, World Fortune 500 Enterprise Oushang Group and other companies who are keen to charity together in the middle of November. This action got enthusiastic response from the employees. Within a short period, over 60 employees of the company donated 668 clothing and other articles of daily use until to the deadline,Which were packed into 22 bags and every bag was over 30 kg. All the clothing and other articles of daily use were delivered to Oushang Supermarket located in Licang District by a truck and transported to the impoverished mountainous area of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region by other sponsors.

The units and departments participating this activity respectively are the first subsidiary, the second subsidiary, Erjian Construction, the forth subsidiary, the sixth subsidiary, logistics subsidiary, Haipeng Installation Company, Haichuan Steel Structure Company, Marketing Department, Executive Office, Engineering Department, General Accounting Department, Financing Department, Human Resources Department,Audit Department, Legal Department, Strategy Department and so on.

The Warmer Winter Action-Donating Clothing and Other Articles of Daily Use Summary Conference and Charity Show was held in the hall on the second floor of Licang Oushang Supermarket in the afternoon on November 21st. The City Red Cross, The District Red Cross and the representatives of the organizers, co-organizers and the units warmly supporting public welfare undertakings took part in this campaign. The leader of the organizer, Zhao Shudong Manager, praised all the units warmly supporting this activity like Haichuan Group. Then, the representative of Haichuan Group, Zheng Shouguo, made an address on the stage. He made a brief introduction about Haichuan Group who contracted a lot of major engineering projects such as the City Hall, the Olympic Sailing Center and the International Horticultural Exposition. All these projects were awarded Lu Ban Prize. He also introduced the donation of the Group to social public welfare undertakings especially to the culture and education cause. Haichuan Group donated many Hope schools and once was awarded City Red Cross Silver Prize. The meeting was accomplished after the show under the grateful environment.

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