Honest and Diligent, Combating Corruption and Buil

In the morning on November 20th, the members of the Party Committee of the company arrived at Qingdao Anti-Corruption Education Base located in Chengyang District by a coach arranged by the Party Committee. Most of the members of the Party Committee of the company visited this exhibition except some leaders attending another important meeting organized by Qingdao Construction Committee. The exhibition organizer adopted the advanced electronic display board and broadcast some videos, which deeply educated the members about how to building a clean government.

Combating corruption and building a clean government is not only the sharp political stance that the party always insist on, but also the important political problem that the people pay much attention to.If this problem can not be solved quite well, it will bring the lethal damage to the party. The party have to unremittingly pay attention to combat corruption and build a clean government. This exhibition showed the important instructions and decisions about combating corruption and building a clean government of the party leaders. It also dissected some typical cases from the whole city, the whole province and even the whole country, which exhibited the downfall track of the greedy officials. This exhibition especially set up the Shame Wall on the back of the Heroes List. The names of greedy officials who were punished by party discipline and state laws were written on the Shame Wall. Using the opposite cases alerted everyone to be honest and diligent and avoid the same mistakes. The exhibition set up the Warning House in order to warning people to hold themselves and abide the laws. 

One of the important tasks of the party is punishing and preventing corruption. By visiting the exhibition, everyone could not only see the outstanding achievements of combating corruption and building a clean government of the party, but also clearly realize the severe situation and arduousness of constructing a clean government and struggling against the corruption. All of the party members are hoped to follow the instructions, keep the mission in mind, cherish the great trust of the party and the expectation of the people, learn the profound lesson from the regret of the wrongdoers,  be honest and discipline, be warned by the cases, ring the alarm bell and withstand the test of power, money, family and etc.

Under the right leading of the party, we should firm our confidence,  enterprise strenuously and struggle for building an honest and upright society.

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