To Stimulate The New Vitality of Party Building - The Party Committee of The Company Convened A Commendation Conference for "Creating Excellence"

In the afternoon of June 29th , the committee of Qingdao Haichuan Construction Group Co., Ltd. of the Communist Party of China (CPC) held the 2017 "Creating Excellence" commendation conference.The secretary of the party committee of Qingdao Haichuan Construction Group Chairman Wu Xin, the member of the party committee President Qiu Jianjun, all the leaders of the party and government of all subsidiaries of the group and all the members of the party of the headquarter of the group attended the meeting.


The party committee of the company awarded honorary title of‘2017 Advanced Party Branch’to the following party branches: the party branch of Qingdao Haisha Real Estate Co.,Ltd.,the party branch of NO. 12 Regional Project on Zhenjiang road(phase II), the party branch of Qingdao Erjian Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.,the party branch of Qingdao New Airport Project and the party branch of Meng Wang Shi Jia Project in Jimo.


It also awarded honorary title of ‘2017 Outstanding Communist’to the following employees: Zhang Qingtao from New Airport Project, Bu Lingbei from Talent Apartment Project on Changsha Road, Zhang Youbo from Zhenjiang Road project, Chen Yachong from Meng Wang Shi Jia Project, Wangsen from Qingdao Erjian Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., Li Wenjie from Qingdao Haisha Real Estate Co.,Ltd.,Pan Mingle from Qingdao Hualian Decoration Co. Ltd.,Zhou Shiyu from Road and Bridge Company, Wang Xujian from Haifan Labor Service Company, Caibin from Haipeng Installation Company, Tian Aizhong from Haichuan Steel Structure Company, Wang Qun and Zhao Zhenchao from the headquarter of the group and Wangchao from Qingjian Decoration Group.

In his speech, secretary Wu Xin pointed out that the development of the enterprise is based on a powerful country; a branch is a fortress;a party member is a flag. Every party member should play a banner function in their respective positions.Every branch should should put strengthening party building and fulfilling our responsibilities into practice. We must always adhere to political determination, strengthen responsibilities and strictly abide by the disciplines and rules.

We should set up a clear orientation for all the work of the party to its branches, and treat the construction of party branch as the most important basic construction.Besides, we should implement the ideological and political work to the party branch, and build the party branch as a core of uniting and servicing people and a school for educating party members.What is more, the company should pay attention to the grass-roots party construction work during the process of reforming and developing,give full play to the advantages of the work of the party organization and get the focuses of branch work in order to realize two-way promotion of the party construction work and management work and assist the leap-forward development of Haichuan Group.

Haichuan Construction Group keeps on attaching great importance to the work of party building, thoroughly implementing the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and doing a good job in the study and publicity of the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.More over,the group clarifies the working concepts of "strengthening the three constructions, improving the four mechanisms and promoting the five capabilities", and give full play to the role of party organizations in the industry.Besides,according to the characteristics of the construction industry, the party’s activities are organized in a flexible and diversified way;the system of "three meetings and one lesson" is strictly implemented;the management of educating industrial party members is strengthened;the party is encouraged to create excellence.

Taking the opportunity of the flat construction of the group,the construction of the grass-roots party organizations should be further strengthened; the practical and thematic activities activities should be carried out; characteristic brand of party construction should be built; the vitality of grass-roots party organizations should be enhanced;the role of the fighting fort function of the party organizations and the exemplary vanguard role of the party members should be put to good use;the enthusiasm of cadres and employees to start their own business should be inspired.At the same time,the group should pay special attention to cultivate the talents of the enterprise and smooth the growth channels in order to provide solid organization guarantee for realizing the goal of‘One-Hundred-Year Haichuan,Ten Billion Haichuan ’.  

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