Haichuan Construction Group has formed a lot of applications of scientific and technological achievements through technological innovation for the large engineering projects. I item of National Construction Method, 9 items of Construction Method in Shandong Province and 60 items of Enterprise-class Construction Method has already been widely used in production, construction and production practice. By improving the original technology and equipment, it not only improves the labor productivity and reduces the labor intensity of the workers, but also saves energy. It has gained numerous key core technologies with independent intellectual property rights such as the comprehensive technology of deep foundation pit engineering under the complex coastal geological conditions, the technology of confirming working mix proportion of anti-floating anchor grouting under such geological conditions with rich underground water, the comprehensive research and application technology of sea-water source heat pump, the foundation pit support technology for underground engineering under the complex coastal geological conditions, the anti-cracking and anti-seepage technology of concrete structure basements ans so on. The improvement of technical innovation capability has also accelerated the continuous development of Haituan Group and driven the industry forward.

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